Is it possible to change mouse dpi

It is a common question among system users that how to improve the performance of their mouse. Changing the DPI of your mouse is the right way to achieve the desired results.

DPI measures the sensitivity of mouse. Hence, it is vital to have an excellent range of DPI on the system. It is highly helpful for photo editing and game playing. Is it important to adjust or to change mouse dpi? Yes, because it will improve your mouse performance.

Introduction to mouse DPI

Do you want to change dpi on mouse? You can understand the concept of DPI at first. DPI is the measurement which signifies the sensitivity exactly in the count of dots per inch your mouse sensor will detect.

Particularly, the gaming mouse comes with an increased level of DPI capabilities. The normal mouse is having 1,600 DPI. Hence, it is vital to consider this factor while buying a mouse. If the mouse has a higher number, it will increase your mouse sensitivity.

Luckily, there is numerous high-end gaming mouse equipped with the sensitivity of 16,000 DPI. Most of them have additional buttons over mouse which can adjust or increase dpi on mouse.

Methods for changing your mouse DPI

There are two different methods available to change dpi on mouse which are given below.

  1. Utilize on-the-fly option

If the system mouse comes with DPI over on-the-fly switch/button, you can change the DPI directly with a button. It let you to constantly and quickly change the DPI.

  • At first, find out an on-the-fly DPI button on mouse.
  • Click on the button for changing the DPI
  • The LCD monitor will show your DPI settings

If the mouse does not include DPI switch, you can go to the next method.

change mouse dpi

  1. Go with mouse settings

This method let you chance DPI in your mouse dpi settings

  • Open the Control Panel on your computer and choose View by either Large or small icons
  • Open the Mouse properties
  • Go to Pointer Options tab.
  • While entering the Motion section, you can drag a slide for choosing the pointer mouse speed
  • Uncheck a box.
  • Test the movements after choosing the pointer speed
  • Finally, you can click on apply to save

The procedure for changing the mouse DPI is simple, so you can follow any one of these above shared methods to acquire the best possible results.